Monday, February 04, 2008

Sometimes, The Best Answer Is a Question...

I was reading Steven Barnes' blog, Dar Kush, and this post jumped out at me:

What Lies Do They Tell?

"The ability to face fears, pains, betrayals, attacks, disappointments, without either losing your sense of personal power or considering yourself superior to others is the way to resolve those dualities and move on to the next level in your life. Every time you do it, you free up the energy invested in maintaining the artificial distinctions."
I couldn't have said it better myself. This is *exactly* where I am right now.

Go to the page and read the whole post... it's excellent. Here's the question of the day:

"Assume that every human being walking the planet feels two things:
1) Alone
Choose someone in your life and apply the Question of the Day:

1) What do they do with their loneliness and fear?
2)What lies do they tell about it?"

I wish that I had been able to read this 25 years ago... I have done my best to treat people the way that I wanted to be treated... and while it worked most of the time, I would get blindsided by the occasional abusive person. This piece of wisdom fills in the gap... I can 'see' in my memory where if I had known this, I would have known to stay far away from the person in question, instead of continuing on, and getting hurt, or used.

This has also helped me to see where I am not consistent ... and to keep asking myself the right questions to root those inconsistencies out. Steve Barnes' blog is deceptive ... you'll be reading about political opinions, or yoga, or fighting styles, and then, next thing you know, you're reading something like the above piece that drops a key piece of the puzzle that you are working on into your lap. It is absolutely delightful; like finding diamonds in your favorite dessert :)!

The quotes above are from two days ago... but if you liked it, I recommend digging through the archives... 'Thar's gold in them thar ..." well, you know, lol!!


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Jen B said...

i could have read that 25 years ago but I would have forgotten it by now..

------- said...

LOL!! I can tell that someone's feeling better!!