Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Am Grateful For...

the Internet.

For the price of a computer and an internet connection, I can learn more about any subject that I am interested in, as deeply as I want to learn about it, until my curiosity in it has been satisfied.

It gives me access to people who find humor in things that would normally make me tear my hair out, like computer problems and other failures.

And, most importantly, it enables me to feed and surround my mind with the thoughts of people that will encourage me to continually succeed, improve, and learn.


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Anonymous said...

Amen GFer!

Anonymous said...

The internet is my main source of amusement. And communication. And news. And probably other things too. I had to do without it for a couple of weeks a year ago - I still have nightmares.

------- said...


So true!!

@solomon broad:
I had to do without it for almost 2 years... had to get my fix at the public library :-/. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I have at-home internet access, and a Mac laptop... woohoo!

[/obligatory positive Mac statement :)]