Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today …

I will allow myself to feel painful emotions, without trying to push them away.

I will allow myself to feel the pain of failure, but I will move on, knowing that I learned something valuable from the experience (even if I don't know what it is yet).

Even if I am in pain, I will smile and be pleasant, because, after all, other people didn't do anything to me, why take it out on them?

I will be patient and kind to those less beautiful than I am [tossing hair]... just kidding, just checking if you were still with me, lol!!

However, I will be patient and kind to everyone that I come into contact with, because they are human beings with feelings too.

Have a great day!!


2 opinions on this post:

richgold said...

If you're in pain, why can't you show it? You don't have to be angry with any one. You can feel your feelings and maybe find some one who needs to hear your story and would be able to share some compassion.

------- said...


Yes, I feel my feelings, and talk with my friends about things; what I am referring to is when I am out and about, I won't take my pain (physical, mental, emotional) out on others (I do my best to not let my family bear the brunt of any of my pain).

As a general rule, I don't do this, but I have seen lots of other people do it... sort of a "my job sucks, so I'll take it out on you, the customer" kind of thing.

Having seen how ugly it is, I've resolved never to be that person. Even if it means that I have to stay home :-). (Mental health day, anyone?)