Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Being a Grownup...

Isn't it wonderful that we have choices?!? Now that you're a grownup, what choices do you make?

Talk amongst yourselves :)


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Anonymous said...

I choose to make myself feel good. I choose to have 2 puddings. I choose what time I'm going to bed, and if I'm going to leave my toys out.

I love being an adult.

Anonymous said...

xkcd is the best!



------- said...

@solomon broad:

Ain't it wonderful?

The above was written while eating chocolate... and not the antioxidant-rich kind, either!! Plain old milk chocolate for me... yum!!

@kamen lee:

So true!! I think his work is some of the funniest, most poignant stuff out there... you never know what you're going to find when you click on the 'random' link on his site!!

Anonymous said...


I choose to have dessert even if I didn't finish all my dinner.

I choose to keep on reading when I should quit and go do laundry or something like that.

I choose to stay up and surf the Internet "for a few more minutes."

I choose to be unfashionable and "uncool".

Anonymous said...

Ain't it wonderful?

Yep. They say that the school years are the best years of your life. What a load of nonsense. The best years of my life have been the past couple. I've started realising how lucky I actually am.

------- said...


It's great to have choices... something a lot of us didn't have when we were children. In some ways, it makes being a grownup (with its attendant responsibilities) worthwhile. :)

@solomon broad:

School years? Nope. Wouldn't want to be 18 again, not unless I could know and think the way I am today.

Yes, there is much I would do differently :)