Friday, January 04, 2008

New Habits…

It is the fourth day of the year, and I'm doing okay with my stated goal... in fact, no one has asked me anything, so that makes it easy. I just do my best to not volunteer information, or overexplain.

Someone once said, "You would care less about what other people thought about you, if you know how seldom they did."

After I've been working on this habit for 30 days, I'm going to add another habit to work on to the list. By years' end, hopefully, I'll have several new, good habits improving my character and personality :-).

How are you doing on your new habits?


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MacLady said...

Glad that you are doing ok on your goals for the new year! SInce I don't make goals at the beginning of the year, mine are a carry over from a previous one.

I'm making lifestyle changes...nutrition and exercise. After the holidays, I'm now trying to get back on the ball. Worked out yesterday and i guess that means I'm getting back up! :)

------- said...

I think that it's great that you're back on the ball, so to speak...

I got on the scale this morning, and discovered that I gained 10 pounds since Christmas Day... dang!

Looks like I'll have to keep my mouth shut for more than one reason, lol!