Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gratitude Journal

Well, I've finally started a gratitude journal. I had been noting to myself, all the small, wonderful things that are all around.

But I hadn't thought to actually write them down. So, after Christine Kane's post about delight, and her suggestion to start a journal, I did.

The thing that I'm grateful for today, is the Internet. It allows me to keep in touch with so many of my friends, near and far, without running up a huge long distance bill (something, I daresay, that my dh is grateful for, lol!!).

I am also grateful for friends that encourage me, even though sometimes I doubt myself. I am also grateful for friends who will tell me when they think that I'm heading the wrong way, or that I have spinach in my teeth (discreetly, while handing me a napkin and a toothpick).


4 opinions on this post:

Jen B said...

I never thought of a gratitude journal....going to think about that....i'm thankful for those things too! it wouldn't be spinach with me, it'd be

------- said...

@ just jen:
[best cookie monster imitation]

Yum!! I'll have to add that to my journal, too, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great idea. Yu wont regret it. :)

------- said...

@solomon broad:

And I bet I know why you feel that way :wink:!

It is true though, that it is the small things that really make life worth living... and that we really need to be more mindful of the wonderful things around us, and the things that make our lives easier.

Right now, I am grateful for a quiet house to write in (even if it is 7 in the morning!)