Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pressure Creates Diamonds, Doesn't It?

After the (self-imposed) pressure of the National Blog Posting Month, I was ready to take a (I thought) well-deserved break from daily blogging, thinking that having more time to write or find material would be easier without the pressure.

But I'm finding that without the pressure of a regular deadline, I'm much more likely to waste time reading terrible, NSFW stuff online, or practice my typing (which is dreadful). None of which helps me write more or better.

In fact, now that I have less pressure, I have the time to 'choke', and fully develop that lovely trait of second-guessing myself. The old voices are coming back… that tell me that 'I can't do _______'. Before, I was so busy, that all I had time to do was say to myself, 'maybe I can't, but I've got to get this post up *now*, and I'll think about that other stuff later'.

Then I looked on my mirror, and saw this again:

"It's been proven that the only effective way to deal with fear is to walk through it, through the pain that accompanies doing something you're afraid to do. It takes courage to fulfill your commitments, courage to stay on track, courage to follow your dreams, courage to reach your goals, and courage to walk through your fear. Remember, reaching goals is not so much about doing big things when the feeling hits you; it's more about doing little things every day that move you toward your dream. It's about staying steady and on course."
~Francine Ward

Step by step, one decision at a time, I *can* do what needs to be done!

Am I scared? ::::sound of knees knocking together::::

Sure. But in two years, or ten, the time will have passed, and either I'll have something to show for it, or I'll still be standing here with my knees knocking. I know which I choose from that scenario.


I'll see you tomorrow!


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