Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Achieving My Goals...

I have found that it is much easier to pursue and achieve my goals (mental, physical, spiritual) if I stop comparing myself to others - to only compare myself to my best, highest self.

The comparison is enough to keep me humble, because I almost always fall short of my best effort. Every now and then, I do come up to the standard that I set for myself; that is a good feeling... and it encourages me to keep at it... and it gives me a glimpse of success!

Although, even though I know all this, I have days that my emotions tell me that I am crazy for even wanting to change. That I can't change, because I have been this way for __ years; it is too late to do anything different now.

I keep telling myself:


I decide what my reactions will be to what happens around, and to me. The trick is to remember that, and not just fall into ancient habits that do not serve who I am becoming now.

To learn from the situations and people that I encounter and observe, and set better habits in motion to overwrite the bad ones.

Can it be done? Yes.
Can I do it? Yes.
Will I do it? Yes!


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