Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something positive...

As I sit in my front yard, I'm typing this on my MacBook (yay!), and I'm enjoying the beautiful, sunny, mid-70 degree weather, the bright blue sky dotted with cumulus clouds, and the soft cooling breezes. I can hear the songs of nearby birds, as they go about the daily business of living. It's the sort of day that makes me glad that I'm alive. When I was out running errands earlier today, I felt like Snoopy, doing his happy dance. But, I controlled myself, and was able to walk like a dignified middle aged lady :->.

In one ear, I'm listening to Seal's "Kiss from a Rose"on my 80G iPod, and in the other, I'm talking with a friend on my cellphone. Ain't technology wonderful? I'm enjoying the best of both worlds; the natural and the technological. It's a pretty good time to be alive, if you are a person of even modest means in this world.

Is my life perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. I could write two weeks' worth of posts on the stuff that is not perfect in my life. However, one thing that I'm constantly working on, is the decision and the determination to be happy. No matter what is going on. No matter what I want, that I can't have right now, or what I can't do right now. Being happy reduces the stress from any trauma (or drama) going on in my life.

If you can do something about the problem, then do it, and let it go. If you can't do anything, then let it go. In either event, don't let the problem destroy your peace of mind. You'll need your mind later, for other things [laughing]!

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