Thursday, October 11, 2007


The whole concept of beginning again is such an attractive one; the idea of reinventing yourself in a new and better package, sort of a Self 1.43.

Making a new and fresh start, one unblemished, and untainted by unrealistic expectations and past failures, is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The time may have changed, but we bring our same old selves to the table. That alone make true renewal seem almost impossible.

So, what is necessary for renewal?

A willingness to be wrong, to see other points of view (even if you don't agree with them). A willingness to *really* change, not just pay lip service to the concept of change. An ability to put into action the things that need to be done to effect change in your life. And the patience and courage to stay the course, when it looks as though nothing is happening.

No, this is not easy, it is not a quick fix. It may even be painful, as you remove unhealthy relationships and dependencies from your life. It takes time, hard work and perseverance part to achieve your personal improvement goals.

And, you will fail sometimes. You will lose patience with others and yourself, you will fall back into old habits, you will weaken when dealing with those who try to take advantage of you.


You will also grow stronger and more confident of yourself, and your unique 'voice', and what you will and more importantly, *will not* accept from those in your life. It will be a good deal harder for someone to "cut corners" either actually, or metaphorically, with you when you have your "mental stuff" together.

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d sinclair said...

I couldn't agree more.. a great post!