Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Experiences You Don't Like...

"When was the last time you embraced a situation that you didn't like?
Did you complain through the entire experience or did you run away
from the situation altogether? If you did either, you missed a wonderful opportunity to be something that you've never been before. It just might have been that one thing that you had been wishing for."
~Les Brown


This quote hits a little too close to home; the way that all good quotes do :-).

It reminds me not to listen to the voices; to stay the course and do the things that need to be done to achieve my goals.


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Anonymous said...

You *can* learn through adversity, but it's also possible to learn through the good times too.

I know which I'd rather have, looking back at the end of my life - a life where I haven't learned much, but I've been happy, rather than a life that has made me mature, but has been filled with trials and uncertainty.

Or, ideally, the best of both worlds.

------- said...

I agree that you can learn through the good times... and I do.

However, I'm saying that there are valuable lessons to be learned during adversity as well. Sometimes, those things are material ('don't lick a frozen flagpole'), and other times, those things are about yourself ('will do almost anything to avoid crowds')

I would say that my goal is, at the end of my life, to be able to see where I was happy, mature, and always learning from both my successes and failures.

Never let it be said that I *want* adversity, but since it will come to visit anyway, I may as well get something useful out of it :-)

Anonymous said...

" the end of my life..."
Middle age is not the end!
The movie is just getting good...