Friday, March 07, 2008

Today Is A Beautiful Day...

so, why am I angry [again]?

I think about the injustice, oppression, cruelty, and carelessness of people toward one another, and I get angry.

So, asking myself my own question:

What am I afraid of?

I am afraid that we, as a people, as a species, will not - or cannot - change. That the utopian society that I see in futuristic movies and books will never exist, because people refuse to relinquish their predjudices, biases and bad, hurtful habits to create a new society, a new world.

I am afraid that I will become like the people I see around me - apathetic, calloused toward others' pain and suffering - my heart and soul scarred over, until there is nothing tender left. A mindless automaton, doing the bidding of my corporate masters, whose sense of joy, wonder and appreciation for life has withered and died.

I am afraid that we will stop hearing one anothers' story, which is part of our own, and will annihilate ourselves because of it.

I am afraid that only the roaches will be left. [I ***HATE*** roaches! And, yes, I'm afraid of them, lol!]


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Anonymous said...

People have been thinking this way since we grew human brains. Just imagine what a difference being able to talk made to the human species. Or being able to write. Or use tools. Or the invention of the electric light bulb.

I think people have always feared the downfall of society, but it never seems to happen, does it? We always seem to carry on going regardless.

Perhaps we wont get the utopia described in sci-fi books. But it seems to me that the society we live in now could be considered Utopian by some. Go back 100 years, to this time last century, and see how much the world has changed for the better. For the worse, too, to be sure, but sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. Too much smooth and we don't grow as people.