Monday, March 03, 2008

Have You Ever Had A Difficult Day?

Humorous Pictures

HERE'S my can of whoop-a$$!!


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Jen B said...

oh thats hilarious!! :D

LaVeda H. Mason said...

@just jen:

I thought so, too... some days, I don't know whether I'm the cat [winning against a superior foe], or the dog [having the snot slapped out of me by someone smaller than me]!

I *do* know that whoever did this pic is a genius, LOL!

------- said...

Ok, I *have* to tell this story...

A day or two after I posted this, my cat gave birth to four kittens. This is shortly after my new 'boyfriend' Sam [the puppy], came to live with me.

One of the children was charged with taking Sam out for a walk. A few minutes later, we hear a commotion in the laundry room, and Sam's terrified screams rang out through the backyard.

We all took off toward the sound, and my eldest found Sam, on his back, being pummeled by Mama Cat, who had dusted off her Cat Fu to beat off the intruder who was messing with her babies [He had yanked out the towels that the kittens were laying on, and made them cry]!!

Talk about life imitating art! We rescued Sam, who was trembling uncontrollably ['what'd I do?!?], and settled Mama Cat ['he'd better stay away, if he knows what's good for him!!'] back with her babies , and had a good laugh!!