Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Failure...

Stumbling is not falling.

--Malcolm X

Something to think about, espcially since we live in a world where failure is to be avoided at all costs, where 'CYA' is a way of life at work, and to not be a 'success' is to be a loser, someone who does not have status or respect.

The strange thing about failure, is that we've been sold the falsehood about avoiding it. Mistakes and failures are course corrections, nothing more, they tell you which way is *not* the right way for you.

If you do any reading on the subject of failure, you know that *everyone* fails, *everyone* stumbles on the way to [eventual] success. As sure as you are here, you *will* fail, and remembering the above quote may help you to keep your 'head above water' and keep on plugging away at your dream.

"Stumbling is not falling."


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Barbara said...

If you haven't "failed" at something it means you haven't tried anything. I'd rather try something and fail than wonder for the rest of my life if I could have accomplished something if only I had tried.

I guess for me the fear of failure is eclipsed by the fear of regret.

------- said...


Amen to that!! At least, if you've tried something and it doesn't work, that's one less thing you have to try on the way to what *does* work!!