Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On Becoming More Human...

A person has an inherent worth, independent of anything they may or may not do.

The difficulty, is in remembering that when someone has performed a particularly despicable and heinous act.

To do such terrible things have serious moral and social consequences, and those who commit such crimes will pay for them, but it is not a cause for rejoicing.

When we rejoice at anothers' pain, even if it is deserved, it makes us less empathetic, less joyful, less human.

We can, and should reflect on the circumstances and choices that brought an individual to this juncture, looking for a lesson that will serve us in our striving to become more human.

We can pity them... but we shall not dismiss them.
Update: I came across this really great quote:
“Each of us has the capacity to see the beauty in another person regardless of their behavior or language. With this as a starting point, we can accept conflict as being an inevitable, normal and beneficial part of life.

There are specific ways of communicating that assist us to promote harmonious relationships with others. When we put these into practice, we will seek to behave in kind ways that benefit, not only others, but ourselves, as well.”
~Ron Scott


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