Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Surprises Can Be Fun!!

While I was reading my email, it started to snow here. I haven't seen real snow here in the entire 7+ years that I have been here, so for a few of the children, they have actually not seen snow in person before.

Watching them enjoy the snow, which was falling in giant clumps, sticking, and piling up on the ground (at least for now), was so much fun, that I decided to join them. My excuse? I was mediating the snowball fight... but of course, I got in a few licks (all while blaming another child, of course [evil grin])!

Another moment in time, just the end of another day... I love my children!!


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richgold said...

Hey Leveda - come on up to Eastern Ontario! We'll show you snow! :D

------- said...


ROFLOL!! I'll bet that you can!!

Anonymous said...

Kids are a great excuse to have fun.

------- said...

@solomon broad:

Yes, they are!!

I try to use any excuse I can to have fun with them, because they will be grown and gone soon enough [sniff]!