Sunday, December 23, 2007

Your Talent…

Ok, after my last rant about religion, I come across this story:

A Pastor's Challenge Shocks Congregation

This is what religion is supposed to be about!

Kudos to this pastor and his congregation!

The most obvious question is:

What can/will you do with your talents?


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Mimi said...

Excellent question but it might be better phrased as "what can I do with my talents?" In my opinion religion is groups of people trying to make their way with a set of beliefs. Some groups are kinder than others but it all boils down to basic human nature which tends to be rather the same all over the world and in every church I've ever visited.

richgold said...

My MIL is here for a visit and we're doing a lot of talking. She wasn't raised with any kind of faith base, and I'm currently finding myself being carried (there's only one set of foot prints in the sand).

I'm trying to understand where my faith and religion meet. I find I go to church to be with, what I hope are, a like minded/valued group of people. (Though having seen my ex-husband at a service, he still has mean thoughts, so I wonder about like mindedness.)

I certainly appreciate what this pastor did for his congregation and community. It is certainly a question that many of us could ask of ourselves. Why do some many of us hide our lights under bushels?

------- said...

This is true. Human nature is the proof of the cliche, "Wherever you go, there you are." Which is probably why the major religions push behavior so much... it goes against human nature :->!

The best way to answer that question is to quote a Japanese saying, "The nail that sticks up gets hit."

How did your Christmas/New Years' go?