Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas from Bose™!

It is pretty well known that Bose™ makes excellent audio electronics. It is also well known that they are not for the, ahem, shall we say, financially challenged.

So, when I received a set of in-ear Bose™ headphones as a gift, I was pleased.

Now, to give some background, I am from 'the if-I-can-hear-it-that's-good-enough' school of audio listening. So, I was pleased, but not prepared for what awaited me.

Lush, gorgeous sound that makes you smile just to hear it. It's almost tactile, people! WOW!

Then I listened some more, then I said it backwards:


So, imagine how I felt when I couldn't get the sound to consistently stay that way. I had to lean the plug a certain way to hear everything (not good for the electronics), or just listen to the background singers and melody, not the lead singer.


A friend suggested that maybe there was a fix on the company's website, so :::smacking head for not thinking of it myself::: I looked around, and found the support email address, and asked for help.

Well, after a very nice man named Richard walked me through troubleshooting, he gave me instructions to return my headset. The disclaimer said that I would hear back in 10 to 14 days.

Today a FedEx truck pulls into my yard [***Three*** days later], and I'm wondering what it could possibly be... It's a package from BOSE™!! Whee!!!

Not only are their electronics wonderful, their service ROCKS!

Thank you, Bose™!!

[And, no, I'm not getting paid for this post! I just feel that if you would kick 'em in the butt when service is bad, then you should let everyone know when the service is good/great/fantastic!]


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