Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Public Service Announcement...

It's that time of year again...

I got this in my email today, reminding me about another thing that needs to be done. So, here it is:

"Anyway, just a little friendly reminder that it's closing in on that time of year where I send out my friendly reminder to check your credit report. As most of know, it can all be done online with one reliable website.

With this site I did find that I had to check each individual one and then go back and check another one.

If something doesn't look right dispute it. Also, always check the balance of your car payments and mortgages...sometimes the company may not update as they should. I would also dispute anything that is negative. I found that I had something in COLLECTIONS on my credit report stating I owed money to my last apartment complex. I was like that is crazy, they SENT me a check. I moved from there almost 5 years ago. So I happily called them, got a letter stating I didn't owe anything, which I sent to the collections agency and all 3 credit bureaus to have it REMOVED. Well it was removed from all 3, got my confirmation letter yesterday. That might be why XXXX Company wouldn't give me credit.

Another tip, check your address and those checking your credit report, you'd be amazed. How I got BOTH my sisters and my moms address listed on my credit report I will never know. When I was about to close on my house I had my sisters' ENTIRE credit history on mine. First thing I heard was I already had a mortgage. Well that was corrected QUICKLY.

Anyway folks, hop on it and check those reports....start disputing today. Don't wait till it's too late. The process is so simple. Why wait until you really want something to find that your credit has a mistake that could have simply been corrected.

PS - It's also that time of year to get your donations to good will or whatever for your tax write offs. Don't wait till 12/31.

Please pass this on to all so they too can review.
Good Luck Everyone!"


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