Thursday, November 15, 2007

The basis of all negative emotion is....


Those negative emotions are simply the 'fruit' of this plant. Think about this... the next time that you are angry, etc., stop and ask: yourself,

"What am I afraid of?"

The answer to that question will frequently tell you what needs to be done. You have this wisdom within you; you just have to listen to it.

When you dig up the taproot of fear, the plant (negative emotions), will wither and die long before bearing fruit and reproducing (causing trouble).

This realization has helped me a great deal... I still get angry, but when I recognize what it is that I'm afraid of, I often realize that my fear is unfounded, or that if it is real, it can be dealt with in a reasonable manner, not from a place of fear.

It also helps me to deal with other people. When I'm facing an angry person, I know that the person I'm facing is afraid of something. I do my best to remember that they are a human being, not an enemy (often not considered human, when we are dealing with them, unfortunately). This is hard to remember when you have someone yelling at you for no reason, but it helps when you want to call your lawyer for bail money :-).

In fact, what I get most angry about these days is injustice and cruelty... and I do my best to remember that my blind anger isn't going to help anyone, and to 'get a grip', as my children like to say... and remember that there is enough to go around, to not be afraid.

Do you find this (fear is the root of negative emotion) to be the case?


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