Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, What Do I Do Now?

My last blog post has called forth this response:
"I don't seem to be able to invoke sustained passion for anything. So, what do I do now?"

First, make certain that your lack of enthusiasm is not being caused by physical/emotional problems. It's difficult (but not impossible) to sustain passion when you are under stress; major stresses include getting married, divorced, job loss (or threat of same), death of a spouse or parent, or a serious illness. If you are otherwise healthy, then ...

Keep in mind that your interests can change over time. What was fascinating to you when you were younger may bore you today, and vice versa.

You may also find that sometimes nothing holds your interest for any length of time. You may have to go on a 'treasure hunt' to figure out what your interests and passions are, and try new and different things that catch your eye to discover what starts your fire. Don't worry about finding that 'perfect' passion on the first try... even discovering what you don't like is valuable.

Most of us who are grown ups don't have the luxury (or the trust fund ;->) that will allow us to spend a season in Europe 'discovering ourselves'; we have to support ourselves and sometimes our families, along with all the day to day 'stuff' that goes with living and paying the bills.

So, how do we discover who and what we are best and most passionate about?

By playing, reading, and doing. If it looks interesting, give it a try! It's okay if you're not very good at it at first, the important thing is that you enjoy it. Even if you think that it is silly, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you have fun.

Think about the best times that you've had in the past ten years. Now remove the ones that were illegal, immoral, or fattening, and examine the ones that are left. Can you imagine doing it in some form for any length of time? If the answer is a definite 'NO!', move on. If the answer is 'Hmmm", keep digging. What do you like about this activity? Break it down into its components... physical (working with your hands, moving your body), mental (intellectually stimulating or challenging), emotional (makes you feel warm and fuzzy). What needs does this activity satisfy?

Yes, it does require some thinking; but you don't have to do it all at one time. Stay 'in the moment' when doing things, and continually ask yourself what you like/dislike about what you are doing. Write down your thoughts about your 'treasure hunt', and review them from time to time. Over time, a pattern will emerge, and/or you'll have a 'eureka!' moment, where what you have been looking for is a lot clearer to you.

Remember, this takes time. And there are no right answers, only answers that are right for you!
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