Thursday, September 20, 2007

The purpose of life...

is to be happy. Not the kind of happiness that involves a new car, a fur coat, or Swiss Fudge Cookies. But the kind of happiness that involves recognizing that we are all interdependent, all connected, and (yes) all related.

But isn't being happy being selfish? Well, ask yourself this...

Which group of people are easier to get along with, the most giving, the most compassionate?

Is it the people who are working at jobs that they hate? The people who have micromanaging supervisors, crumbling marriages, or dysfunctional relationships with their children?

Or ... is it the group of people who are happy and passionate about what they are doing? The ones with the strong marriages, the agreeable children, and the blissfully-blooming hollyhocks in the backyard? I think that you'll agree with me that happy people are easier to get along with, more willing to help out others, and more generous overall.

Do your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers a favor... find out what makes you happy, and do it. Let me be clear; this is *not* a license to do messed up stuff to people ("well, I'd be happy if I could punch that blowhard in Sales in the face"), but it *is* a license to find out more about your likes and dislikes and live accordingly ("I've always enjoyed working with animals"). Try it sometime, everybody deserves to be happy... even you :-) ... **especially** you!!

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