Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Is Active

Photo credit: Gui Trento
‎To love people is not philanthropy itself. Philanthropy is love going into action.

Suppose that Jesus Christ had come to the earth to have his experience, and merely reported to us that God is love, merely reported that God loves you. That was all, just the report.

There was no involvement. You were limited to just the idea that God loved you.

It was not a love that was responsible to you and you could never connect with it. It was not going to dry your tears and be uplifting to you.

It would not direct you, or guide you, or put your feet upon the path. It would not guide you along the way.

It was just a love that loved you from a distance and "kind of waved its hand." That's all you got, a wave of the hand. What kind of love would that be? ~ Jack Boland


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